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Farie Dust

My psych class doesn't start for a while yet. My name is Cindy and I’m just finishing my first year at a major university. There are over 30,000 undergraduates here so it is very easy to get lost in the numbers. As a nervous person, I stay in my dorm a lot but I’m in the library a lot more. I worry about me grades to much and I’ll do anything so they wont fall. That's were my problem starts.

My roommate, Daisy is very dominant. She is comes from a very rich family, and even if she wasn't such a genius, I’m sure she could have gotten in to this college. I’m a very passive person. With is in mind, we operate on a love-hate relationship.About six months ago is when my life changed for what I thought would be forever, but Daisy assured me she will let me go before I graduate. For her own fun and games, she slipped one of her “magic pills” into one of my drinks one night. I don't know what she gave me but it was highly addictive. I have been hooked ever since. She tells me there is supplement drug so it is very possible to get off of it, so I shouldn't worry. Now I am very addicted and I depend on her for it. She calls it fairy dust.

With out it, i feel anxious and nauseous. I cant concentrate on anything. I cant sleep. I break out in cold sweat. Its the worst feeling in the world. To avoid it, I’ll do anything Daisy wants. At first things weren't that bad. She would torture me for her own amusement. I would run out and pick up her food or do her laundry. Soon I was giving her massages. She would tell me what to do to make things more convenient for her. Daisy would come into the bathroom to kick me out if she wanted to shower. She want a modest person and was determine to change me so i wasn't either by the end of the school year.

The first time she made me do anything sexual is something I’ll never forget. Daisy pulled me out of the shower to tell me she was bored. I thought she was being rather childish. She had just gotten home from a date and was acting rampuntous. She didn't let me dry off or get dressed. She told me to get on my hands and knees. I resisted until she pulled out the little golden dust. i got on my hands and knees and crawled to her like she said. Daisy lied down on the bed and spread her legs. Her white silk robe fell open as she started to masturbate. This made me extremely nervous and uncomfortable. Next she sprinkled the farie dust all over her wet pussy very carefully. I wanted to throw up but my mouth was also watering.

I did everything she told me to. All I was thinking about was the dust. I started soft and genital with my tongue. Soon, her hands were on the back of my head and she was gripping my hair. I couldn't breath. It laster forever. The next thing I knew she was screaming and swearing, something I hear a lot when she has guests spend the night. Daisy threw me aside, caught her breath, and continued on to take a shower.